This is what we do

Our Trainings

Imperial Academy of Canada is versatile training and development company that has the ability to tackle any topics.  We make sure that we can deliver what you need in the quickest amount of time possible.  

Productivity Mangment

We understand how to get your employees to produce more and how to train them to be more productive

Productive workforce

We are your partners in productivity

Customer Service

We know that taking care of customers is hard, but guess what we specialize in dealing with issues head on, and we will teach your employees to do the same

Customer oriented mentality

Call on us to increase your customer's satisfaction


Sometimes it is important to swallow the bitter pill, and realize that some leaders need to be re-educated on why they are in that position. We make sure your leaders always understand the privileges and responsibilities.

Leadership at its best

We help you in building exemplary leaders


Your sales team is your lifeline, and you have to pay special attention to them.  Our sales training helps you build the necessary skills in your workforce to increase revenue.

Sales Domination

We know how to increase your revenue, and that is what we will teach your employees.

Why Us

We are the best you will ever have!

Imperial Academy of Canada has conducted more than 300 training sessions in the last 5+ years, and we know what an intensive but productive training looks like. Whether you talk about soft skills training such as leadership, productivity management, etc, or hard skills training such as first aid and CPR; we know our job well

Basic Pack

Great For Small Business
$ 749 99
Ability to train in house
Train your own employees or open to the public
Keep up to 70% of revenues

In-Person Training

Great For Big Business
$ 6713 99
Variety of intensive courses
Discounts on classes of 5 or more students
24/7 availability

Training Service

We have a slew of tailored services such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.  We are mainly a training company but have learned a thing or two about other business related services.  Please keep in mind our training partnerships are limited by geographical area as well as population.  The price of $749.99 is to be paid per instructor candidate for first aid and CPR training, and they have to renew every 3-years.

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