CPR Training Course


A course on CPR provides the participant with the necessary skill to take action in case of breathing emergencies. The course is 3-4 hours long in length. CPR course is also part of the Emergency First Aid course as well as the Standard First Aid course.

The topics covered are as following:

  • Purpose of the program
  • Lifesaver 101 survival
  • Lifesaver 101s rules of 123&ABC
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Follow up 5
  • Shock, Fainting, Unconsciousness
  • Medical conditions: heart attack, angina, stroke, TIA and cardiovascular disease
  • Anatomy 101 and the tools for the job
  • Adult and child CPR
  • Unconscious choking
  • Choking
  • Special conditions for choking
  • Infant choking
  • Infant unconscious choking

Special rates for nurses and dental hygienists.

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