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Affordable Pricing And Quality Service

Our lead generation and email marketing services are designed for small business owners who are looking for the service but find other companies too expensive.  We have ample amount of experience in our lead generation, but there is a draw back that we focus primarily on organic SEO means. To simply put we don’t incorporate google ads in lead generation due to its affordability.  Think about it you get 3-website rentals in either 3-cities or for 3-different products/services, and that too for only $600/ month (if rented for the year). If that doesn’t work for you then you can definitely send mass emails out to our students who have opted in to hear from our clients.

Our services

Web Development

We design the websites according to what works and you don't pay a penny for it.  You simply pay the rental for the use of that website.

Web Development

We design for your use!

Email marketing

We have 100s of students that have gone through our programs, and they have all opted in to hear from our clients.  Remember our database and your sales.

Email marketing

We are loved by many, and so will you.

Lead generation

We specialize on people seeing you through our lead generation websites.  We don't care where you are in Ontario; if you're here then let us take care of you

Lead generation

Let us put you in front of many


Our marketing efforts on your behalf

We know that sales is the blood, heart, brain of a company, but marketing is the skeleton, the arteries, and the skin of a business. Sales can only happen if there is a constant pipeline of leads that can be converted into prospect.  The more populated the pipeline the easier it is to maximize revenue.

Unfortunately we don’t have any training on the services that we offer simply because if we were to teach our strategies then we would not be needed. We do want your business to succeed,  but we also want to be the ones to help you succeed.

In the years that we have been training companies and individuals on various topics and fields we have learned a few things; the very first thing we learned was that many companies want to make sales and have an over loaded lead bank, but they don’t view marketing efforts as an investment.  That is the precise reason that we at Imperial have lowered our price enough so you don’t see it even as an expense.

For more information on these services please continue reading, and if you have any questions then feel free to email us.

Lead generation and web development

Our web development team has all the expertise to make a SEO friendly website for you for the lowest possible cost.  Usually it takes us between 3 days to a week to get a website up and running due to our workload.  When you sign up for our lead generation website that are designed to increase your presence in a particular region/city we make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Please keep in mind that we are in this with you.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an added service we offer for small business.  Email marketing is a way that we bring you in to our family of products/services, and that is when you purchase our email marketing service we make sure we deliver the much needed results to build on that credibility.  We offer per use, monthly, and annual rates for this service.  Remember we can legally only send these emails to those who have opted in to receive such emails

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