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Increase Revenue

Imperial Academy has been a provincial distributor of Lifesaver101’s first aid and CPR and ministry compliant Security company’s security guard courses all across Ontario. There are tremendous benefits of being an Imperial Academy of Canada’s training partner to teach first aid and CPR courses and sell security guard courses.

To provide you with an example of the potential income that can be generated is as following: 

What will it cost you to get your instructors trained?

  • 1 instructor =$749.99+HS 

These prices include the instructor being certified in the 2-day standard first aid with CPR level HCP with AED course. This allows the instructor to teach courses including the 2 course. Please keep in mind that the more students you teach, the higher the revenues will be . If you combine our online security guard training with our blended first aid and cpr training. Furthermore, you train only 20 people a month, you will make up your investment in your first month even if you price the course for $199+HST.

Keep in mind that our network’s security guard course is online, and it is priced at $30/student on an ongoing basis.  The security guard course incorporates an emergency first aid course within the ministry mandated 40-hour course. The best news is that lifesaver101’s first aid course is also blended.  Therefore, you will charge a total of $199+HST/student for approximately 3-hours of in class teaching.  Please keep in mind that you do have the opportunity to sell just the online portion of the security guard course for $119+HST, and not the first aid portion, but that would mean someone else will make that revenue other than you.

Now to discuss the first aid and CPR training as well.  Your cost to us is $20/ student on an ongoing basis, and remember you’re only in class for 3-3.5 hours.  The market price for an emergency first aid and CPR training is anywhere between $90-$110. 

Now lets tally up the cost with 20 students in a clas:

Instructor cost

  • 749.99+hst=847.49
  • 20+hst*20 students=400
  • total cost=1247.49

Your revenue for a security course with first aid:

  • 199+hst=224.87
  • 224.87*20=4497.40 per class of 20
  • 4497.40-1247.49=3249.91 

Now your revenue for security course without first aid, and for class of 20 people:

  • 119+hst=134.87
  • 134.87*20=2689.4
  • 2689-1247.49=1441.91 

Now your revenue for first aid class with out security course:

  • 90+hst=101.7
  • 101.7*20=2034
  • 2034-1247.49=786.51


These are your revenues after just one class of 20 people. So, imagine if you were to do a class each month; just one class a month of 20 students your revenues would range from $23160 to $52716 annually for 36 hours of work. 

Course Distribution

As detailed above we have distribution for security guard and first aid courses in Ontario.

Security guard training

A security guard training in Ontario is mandated to be 40- hours in length with 8 hours of First aid.

Online Security guard training

33 hours out of the 40 hours are all online

First aid and CPR training

Our first aid and CPR trainings are blended; that means we don't waste your time with in class theoretical sessions; we focus on practicums in class.

Blended first aid and CPR training

Blended means you can do the theoretical content whenever you like.


Train the Trainer

Since our security guard training is online, you act as a marketing partner where your sole responsibility is to send us the student information and we do the rest. 

Our train the trainer program comes in to place only for the training partners who are also interested in teaching first aid and CPR courses. This course forces the instructor candidate to compete a 16 hour Standard first aid with BLS, and half of that is done online, and the other half in class.  

Once the instructor candidate has completed both of those sections they are expected to attend a 2-3 day instructor workshop with a maximum student capacity of 8-students. In this workshop the instructor candidate is responsible to showcase their teaching ability as well as their grasp on the content.

Once the instructor candidate has completed the workshop they are then audit either in person or virtually in a class environment where they have to teach the whole class. Upon successful completion of the audit the instructor candidate is provided with their certificate and instructor number.

Online security guard training

The ministry of community safety and correctional services has mandated that any individual who is interested in becoming a security guard has to successfully complete a 40-hour online or in-person course.  The break down of the security guard course is in such a way that 33.5 hours of the material covered has to be directly related to security operations, etc.  The remaining 7.5 hours is dedicated to emergency first aid with CPR.  

The beauty of our course is that not only is our security guard course (33.5 hours) all online, but half of the first aid and CPR portion is also online.  That means your instructors would only teach for 3.5 hours in class, and yet you will charge 100% of the fees….how great is that!!

Blended Emergency First aid and CPR course

Emergency first aid with CPR is a 6-8 hour course which traditionally used to be all done in class.  We know that many people believe that how can you teach first aid online, and we agree with you 100%. That is the precise reason that we only cover the theoretical portion online, so that when you arrive at class you’re already aware of the key concepts, and that you also had enough time to familiarize yourself with the practical exercises you will be required to partake in.  

Blended Standard First Aid and CPR course

Standard first aid and CPR is a 14-16 hour course which was also traditionally taught in class over a 2-day period in a general case.  This course is an extension of emergency first aid and CPR course because the first 6-8 hours of this course is basically the emergency first aid and CPR protocols.  The second day which comprises of 6-8 hours, and deals with non-life threatening injuries or illnesses.  


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